Benefits Of LMS

Benefits Of An Learning Management System(LMS)


A Smoother Operation

The Learning Management System can significantly change an organization’s perspectives. The benefits are tangible proof and almost any company, NGO, or school will see their results right after application.

Cost Savings

No need for travel and time costs. There is no need to pay for hosting. The SkyPrep Learning Management System is less than half the price.

Per Order

Users can participate in the training at their own pace from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is internet access.

Easy To Use

The best LMS are easy to use and intuitive. SkyPrep offers an experience with almost no learning curve, which means anyone will be able to use it within minutes.

Increase Knowledge

E-Learning helps to increase knowledge within companies. Keep your employees up to date and ahead of the competition.

Types of Learning Management Systems

How To Offer Training

There are hundreds of different options when it comes to choosing an LMS. The key to selecting the right one should be based on who you are and what you are looking for.

Cloud Or Installed?

An installed LMS has the advantage of working offline, but it requires constant updates and can be problematic for remote users. A cloud LMS is always accessible over the internet and does not require the user to install updates. Cloud-based software is scalable, with data hosted in a centralized location.

Technical Or Non-Technical?

You’ll find many learning management systems that have tons of features, but that’s not always a good thing. With more features they are often more complex for both the student and the administrator. If your goal is to create a training platform with minimal friction, choose a platform that has the features you are looking for without being overly complicated.

Content Creation Tool Or Distributor?

Some training platforms have the ability to create content within the application, while others are just a tool that distributes the content you upload. SkyPrep gives you the flexibility to create and transfer.

SkyPrep Hosted LMS

Your Solution

SkyPrep LMS is simple and intuitive, with all the features you need to create a fantastic teaching or training program. Best of all, your content is stored securely in the cloud.

Transfer Your Documents and Videos

Downloaded documents can be annotated and ready to use in as many courses as you like. Materials can include: Word, Excel and PDF Documents, PowerPoints, Videos and more.

Create Your Tests

Create an unlimited number of exams that include multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks and short answer questions. Set time limits, passing grades and other automatically corrected settings and tests.

Build Courses

Just choose from your created material and quizzes to develop entire courses. Then add your students and voila! Set the course start date and deadlines, and gift certificates to those who complete the course. Building courses made easy!

Free Learning Management Systems

Learning is an integral part of being human. Our brains must absorb and retain information, big or small. But sometimes the way information is packaged helps determine how well, if at all, we remember or recall information.

Learning is typically associated with classrooms, but as smartphone technologies become more ubiquitous, mobile learning and e-Learning are gaining popularity in the workplace. Currently, the global eLearning market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.

According to a market analysis by Global Industry Analysts, Inc, 77 percent of US companies have already used online learning to train their workforce.

Is There A Free LMS?

There’s no shortage of options for eLearning platforms, but which ones stand out? Free Online Learning Management Systems are software applications used by schools and businesses to help administer, document, track and report on the delivery of educational courses.

Training programs have always been a part of corporate life, and a free online LMS allows companies to adjust their learning programs to better align with their goals. Not to mention it makes you more attractive to your teams and increases the likelihood that they will engage with the material!

Best Free LMS – EdApp

EdApp is a completely free mobile training solution used by some of the world’s leading organizations including the United Nations, Mizuno, Shell and Marley Spoon to train teams large and small across the globe. You can view EdApp ‘s customer testimonials here .

With an intuitive authoring tool and a free editable content library, the award-winning platform uses a template approach to make it easy to create lessons and send them to your teams. The course library contains pre-made courses from industry leaders that you can drag and drop into your account.

These courses can be used and edited to customize them to your team’s learning needs. And because EdApp’s platform is mobile-first, students can complete the course on their personal smartphones. The best part? It is completely free and unlimited for you to train your teams with the microlearning learning ecosystem.

Highly interactive and results-oriented EdApp (pictured above) is composed of 4 main elements: Editable Course Library, Authoring Tool, Administration and Student App