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The Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Management Systems, are web-based software, developed for the administration and documentation of learning processes .
These platforms have multiple tools that allow the teacher or trainer to improve the educational experience according to their objectives, and provide a more personalized follow-up to the student.

Creating a learning experience:

Structuring a course during a service of this sort offers wide possibilities within the learning process.
It allows the teacher to better organize their classes by taking advantage of the dynamic features of the web (videos, texts, images) and guides the student to be responsible for their own learning by reviewing the content and developing activities step by step, as well as , generates reports automatically which help the teacher in the evaluation of the course.

The LMS have discussion forums, means by which an active communication between the teacher and the students is maintained.

The value of creating such a learning experience is that students can access the platform whenever they want, allowing them to learn at their own pace and review the content as many times as they need.

The development of courses on these platforms are structured to be 100% online, however, you can implement methodologies such as flipped classroom or blended learning, if you already teach a face-to-face course and want to explore a digital environment.